Typical gyms charge you to use their equipment and offer little more than a towel when you check in.  We are not like regular gyms. We focus on actually assisting you in achieving the levels of fitness you desire.

At CrossFit Encompass we provide top notch coaching every day as well as your workout programming, nutritional counselling, warm-up and cool down, and stretching not to mention a community of people to help you achieve your fitness goals every time you walk in our doors.

All you need to do is put in the time and effort to attend classes and you will get amazing results that will let the value speak for itself.

We offer many different packages: 

Month to Month: $155/month *unlimited access to all classes

3 Month Contract: $135/month *unlimited access to all classes

6 Month Contract: $115/month *unlimited access to all classes

12 Month Contract: $100/month *unlimited access to all classes

12 Month Paid In Full (10% savings): $1,080 *unlimited access to all classes

Come visit us for your free intro class!