Kip Goss

Kip Goss


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After 10 years of doing Crossfit what Kip finds to be most valuable and what he believes really sets it apart from other exercise regimens is its goal to maximize human potential. Strong doesn't mean healthy and having great cardio doesn't equal being fit. Kip absolutely loves how the movements are designed for you to work under a load and use your full range of motion with intensity. Being a fireman performing these exercises has only benefited him. It requires stength, agility, and stamina. Kip also credits Crossfit for preventing injuries with during training and on emergency calls. He's also worked as a paramedic in EMS, which evealed a more serious issue for him, which is how disastrous a sedentary lifestyle can be. In Kip's firsthand experience, witnessing the unfortunate health of so many people is sad and equally frustrating because so many conditions are preventable. His encouragement to anyone is to try Crossfit. Crossfit isn't about making competitive athletes, it's about fitness and maximizing your physical potential, and if you become a competitive athlete along way, good for you! You figured out how to maximize the fun.

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