JoungHwa Woo

JoungHwa Woo


About Coach

The dynamic and varied nature of CrossFit is what initially drew JoungHwa in—there's always something new to tackle. She loves how CrossFit is inclusive; everyone can participate, find their strengths, and continually work on areas for improvement. We never stop learning and improving in our life, just as we do in CrossFit. The supportive community is what makes CrossFit genuinely unique. We cheer each other on, help one another grow, and elevate each other to new heights. JoungHwa's journey as a coach began in 2016 when she earned her Level 1 certification in Seoul, Korea. In 2020, her path led her to the United States, where She's continued to expand her expertise and grow within the CrossFit community. JoungHwa is driven by a thirst for knowledge and pursued and obtained her Level 2 certification and specialized certifications in CrossFit Weightlifting, Endurance, and Gymnastics. Her love for Olympic lifting took her on an incredible adventure, joining lifting clubs in France and Korea, where she honed my skills and deepened her appreciation for the sport. In 2017, JoungHwa delved into the world of Kettlebell sport, earning the IKFSA Kettlebell Level 1 and Juggling certification. This discipline offered a fresh perspective on strength and movement, contrasting beautifully with Olympic lifting. Through all these experiences, She has seen how CrossFit mirrors life itself: it demands balance, timing, energy, a positive mindset, and a supportive community. At CrossFit Encompass, we embrace these principles, striving together to live better and more vital every day.

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