Jamie Sheridan

Jamie Sheridan



About Coach

Through Jamie's own weightloss journey, she developed a passion for helping others transform their bodies through exercise and better nutrition.  Jamie was a runner and personal trainer, but when  she found CrossFit Encompass in 2017, she immediately found her niche. Jamie is now in her late 40s and believes she is in the best shape of her life. CrossFit has transformed her mind and body, and Jamie loves the daily push of variety and intensity in every WOD.  As a coach, Jamie wants every member to succeed and she tries to be a great example for them to reach their full potential. The community is what makes CrossFit unique. CrossFit brings people together from all walks of life and for one hour a day we push hard and heavy.  Jamie loves being a part of the team of coaches at CrossFit Encompass watching our members do things they never imagined they could do!

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