Hi! My name is JoungHwa. I have been doing CrossFit for 8 years now. One of the main characters of CrossFit, “constantly varied,” is probably the main reason I fell in love with this sport at first. Secondly, I love that everybody can do CrossFit and everybody has something that they are good at. But also, everybody always has something they need to work on to be fitter, to move better. People grow within the community by cheering, helping, elevating each other. This aspect makes CrossFit so unique to me.

I received my Level 1 certification in Seoul, Korea, where I started coaching in 2016, and have been coaching in the US since 2020. I completed my Level 2, and obtained certifications in CF weightlifting, Endurance, and Gymnastics. I love Olympic lifting, so I was in Olympic lifting clubs in France and Korea for several years. And I am also interested in the Kettlebell sport, which has an entirely different approach toward the weights from Olympic lifting. I received the IKFSA Kettlebell level 1 and Juggling certification in 2017.

I genuinely believe CrossFit is very similar to our life. We need to find a good balance, good timing, good energy with a positive mind, and a fantastic community to live better. And we found it here at CrossFit Encompass.