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Brad Moriarty- Owner

I grew up being a part of several sports teams continuing through my college years.  I have been doing Crossfit since 2006 and received my Level 1 certification in June 2008.  I received my Level 2 certification in 2017.  I have always enjoyed helping others in their workouts and seeing their progression.  My wife and I decided to follow our dreams and open a Crossfit affiliate in February 2014.  It has been rewarding for me to be a positive influence in my community and inspire others to live healthier, fitter lives. 

 Lindsey Moriarty- Owner

From a very young age I developed a love for sports.  I played softball, basketball and soccer growing up and I went on to play soccer at the collegiate level.  I thrived on competition and team camaraderie.  I have been doing Crossfit since 2011 and received my Level 1 certification in December 2013. I completed my Level 2 in December 2018.  My husband and I decided to open our own affiliate in February 2014.  I love how Crossfit brings people together.  It is inspiring and contagious.  I enjoy helping Encompass members with their nutrition.  We follow the concept, food is fuel and educate our members about proper food choices and nutritional timing.



Austin Knox- Crossfit, Gymnastics 

Having the occupation of a firefighter to be able to help others in the best way possible has always been my goal.  Crossfit keeps me in top shape for my job and keeps my competitive itch satisfied.  I wanted to become a crossfit coach to help people achieve their greatest level of fitness that can also transfer into their everyday lives. 


Brian McCallum- Crossfit

I grew up as the overweight, asthmatic kid.  I never really had a passion for sports and typically spent my days watching tv and playing video games.  As I got older I, like most of the population, would join a gym at the beginning of the year and by march was basically done until the next year.  I was caught in an endless cycle of joining and not knowing what to do at the gym and quitting due to frustration.   About three years ago I decided to look into something different.  I had heard of Crossfit but had no idea what it was about.  That's when I found Crossfit Encompass and completely changed my life.  I now have a passion for fitness and can't imagine a day that's is not a part of my life.  Along with improved athletiscim, my diet has also improved.  I now have an understanding that my diet does in fact affect my level of fitness.  I've lost about 50 lbs since beginning and its all due to what I've learned through encompass.  I look forward to sharing my experiences in hopes that I can help others reach their goals.



Andrew Wheat- Crossfit

In 2010 right before beginning an 8-year journey of living abroad I learned of Crossfit. I was immediately hooked but I was perplexed not knowing how to do Crossfit in some of these under developed places I was living. I eventually met some people who was also into Crossfit and we began to do WODs, working with whatever equipment we had access to. I began to educate myself and dig deeper into what functional fitness really is. Eventually, I got to be a part of the very first Crossfit gym in that country starting in a garage and developing into what is now a mega box. In 2015 on a trip back to the States I got my Crossfit Level 1 and Olympic Weightlifting certificates. When we returned to a new location overseas that did not have an existing box, I got a job at a globo-gym. I started recruiting guys who either had heard of Crossfit or who were fed up with typical routines. And we started doing functional fitness with a strength foundation with what little equipment we had access to. It was challenging and it forced me to be creative as a coach, but it reinforced how Crossfit may look complex but it is built on simple principles that make it accessible to any person in any stage of life.  What I love about coaching is getting to know people, helping them achieve their goals, and to help them face and conquer the challenges in front of them. 

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